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Monday, 5 October 2009

Levis Cup Road Trial 04 10 2009

This event is organised by the North Birmingham VMCC and Jon and I were asked to help out, marshalling at the ford at Clee St Margaret. Myles and Roger came along to help and Rhys was dragged along too (although he didn't complain too much).

We were ready to set off far earlier than we needed to be so we headed for the cafe at Quat for a cuppa before riding to Clee St Margaret via a very scenic route, following Jon on the B31, Myles with the B40 and trailer, Roger on his Triumph Tiger and sidecar (with Rhys happily sat in the sidecar)and me bringing up the rear on the Serow (which happens to be the best of my bikes for carrying luggage - namely chairs and wellington boots etc)

We arrived at the ford and rode through it to find our allotted positions - Jon and Myles were stationed at a junction a little way ahead of the ford so that the participants could be given the choice of taking a detour avoiding the ford. As it happens, they were all hardy souls who chose to brave the ford so no-one suffered any penalties at this point. Roger, Rhys and I manned the ford, suitably clad in our welly boots in case Rescue Services were required. Happily for all the riders, there were no mishaps this year. We were very impressed with the speed at which some of the participants rode through the ford! The variety of bikes taking part made for a very interesting hour or so - BSA, Triumph, Matchless, Sunbeam, Ariel, AJS, Cotton, Scott, New Imperial, Moto Guzzi, Greeves were all represented, not to mention two Brough Superiors! BSA Slopers seemed to be a popular option.

Once all the riders were through we packed up and headed for the finishing point at the Lenchford Arms, Shrawley, where I rushed around taking photos before the weary participants headed for home. Some were riding the bikes home but others had travelled quite a distance and were loading the bikes on to trailers ready for the drive home. All seemed to have enjoyed the day, including the enthusiastic Welshman who had suffered an altercation with a tractor while riding his rather splendid Triumph - you can see the damage in the photos. Most were planning on returning next year and we certainly hope to see them again, whether as participants ourselves or helping out again. There are two classes - pre-46 and under 200cc pre-65 - if you have something eligible, this is an event well worth taking part in.

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