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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

BSA Victor - 92 HOH

Some of you may recognise the above registration number?

I received an email request a couple of days ago asking if anyone can help with locating the BSA Victor 441 with the registration number 92 HOH.

"Im hoping you can help me, or perhaps point me in the right direction.!

My father and his brother used to be BSA works riders and became British Trials Experts in the late 60's, in sidecar. (Derek and Ray Round also known as the Round brothers)

We sadly lost my uncle Ray 18months ago , and my dad (Derek) has expressed a wish that to try and get their BSA VICTOR 441 CC (WORKS BIKE) which they won the title british trials experts on many times back or at least trace it, I have the registration number which is 92 HOH, and wondered if you could possibly point me in the right direction where to start in trying to trace it, we are in the process of putting an advert in the old bike mart, but if there is any other suggesions you could point towards I would be most grateful.

thank you for your time


I've looked on DVLA and it appears not to have been taxed since 1978. Derek believes it may be in Yorkshire but can't remember why. Natalie is placing an advert in Old Bike Mart and has contacted Tim Britton (editor of OBM and Classic Dirt Bike) and I made a couple of enquiries on various forums. I also (of course) suggested Natalie contact Kay to see if she can put something in the Star. If anyone can help or knows any possible sources of information please let me know and I will forward all details to Natalie.

I've scanned in a couple of piccies of the bike and riders from Norman Vanhouse's excellent BSA Competition history (you can click the pictures to make them bigger).


  1. I have emailed details to Annice at the VMCC to se if there is anything more we can try. Thanks.