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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ariel 3 - getting Larry in the mood for engine piccies!

Before I managed to "win" the Ariel 3 engine on ebay (which turned out to be damaged but I couldn't be bothered to argue the toss with the seller) I drafted a Wanted ad to be included in the NACC magazine "Buzzing" requesting a spare engine and any other parts.

As a result, today I had a phone call from a very nice chappie called Chris who has had a complete Ariel 3 sat in his shed for a long time and who would be quite happy to accept £30 to be rid of it.  It is all in one piece but it is located near Gatwick (about 3 hours away).  I don't know if this is a "girlie" thing but I did ask what colour it was - I always really wanted the snot-green one - he confirmed it was largely snot-green with brown (rust?!) bits.

To me, snot-green is the correct colour.  This is mainly because of a BSAOC trip to the most excellent transport museum in Coventry, back in 2006.  At the time there was what can only be described as a "snot-green" corner, which I remember included a snot-green Ariel 3, a snot-green Allegro and a snot-green Marina.  You'll be disappointed that I don't have a piccie of the Marina but, for your delight, I do have piccies of the Allegro and the Ariel 3.

Of course, only a complete fool would drive 3 hours each way to collect such an abomination as an Ariel 3.  So. to prove I'm not such a complete fool, I'm hoping to convince one of "our" subcontractors at work to collect and deliver it to me because it is sort-of on his way-ish..........


  1. Was over at Kawa's Blog and spotted that you had posted six minutes ago, and the fact my name was in it ha,ha...had to come over and have a look. Hmmmm kinda looks like a little golf cart, or maybe with a ski on front and some treads....a little sno-mobile. It is such a lovely shade of snot-green. Now I'm more curious than ever to see what sort of "mill" powers the contraption...Is it a Villiers or Villier's-like two-cycle ?? Hairy Larry

  2. Not a Villiers engine, Larry. It's actually a Dutch-made Anker engine.

  3. I remember that shade of, er s*** that British Layland used to cover some of their range in, even Range Rovers didn't escape it.
    As for egg rolls (Allegro), why would someone build a car with a square steering wheel??... sorry flash back to my youth as an apprentice Motor Mechanic.
    So the Ariel will be running with in the week of getting the "spare" bike??

  4. I'm afraid there are more pressing projects than the Ariel 3!
    My first Ariel 3 was in pieces when I got it but the new one is all in one piece so I'm hoping to use it as a pattern when assembling no 1.
    The Tribsa engine rebuild will need to come first though. And the XL top end rebuild. And the B31.
    Oh dear!