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Friday, 25 February 2011

Dismantling an Ariel 3

I had a day off today so I decided it was time to attack the Snot Green Ariel 3.

First of all, I removed the bird's nest from the engine compartment:

Next, I decided to try and remove the lid to the engine compartment.  The heads of the bolts were almost impossible to get a spanner on and the nuts were pretty well rusted on to them anyway so I had to attack them with a hacksaw:
I must be a bit slow on the uptake because it was only now that I realised that something rather important was missing - no fuel tank!!  This is where it should be:

Next step, was to remove the carburettor and then the exhaust - I was pleasantly surprised to find that the nuts were all fairly easy to remove.  What's left of the exhaust seems pretty solid but the silencer is looking a bit sorry:
With the exhaust out of the way, I could access the nuts and bolts holding the engine enclosure in place.  Again, these were fairly trouble free and I soon had a naked Ariel 3.
The drive belt is missing but these are available on ebay for £28.  I'll certainly need new tyres - these are also available on e-bay but cost more than the Ariel 3 is worth!  Alternatively, bicycle tyres of the correct size are available for only £4.99.  The Ariel 3 is barely any faster than a bicycle but there might be a issue with getting an MOT.  I'm trying to spend as little money as possible, not least because I have several far more worthy projects.

I need to look into getting a log book for it.  I know the registration number and it has an old tax disc still attached to it so I'm hopeful that I can keep the original number.

More piccies are here:



  1. Looking good, err making progress at any rate. That's some large nest there. Can you put it on E-bay for "bird's nest soup"..? or sell it off as the latest fashion in head coverings...... Hairy Larry

  2. The more you take it apart the better it looks SFB! (It's ok, feel free to say something 'orrible about Cubbie in return!)