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Saturday, 27 July 2013

I've been slacking so here's an update - part 2: SRX antics

Aah, now, since my last SRX related post, which sounded quite promising, disaster struck.  The black SRX tank, which I had transferred to the running (previously blue) SRX, managed to lose all the petrol overnight. Investigation revealed that the recently applied paint had bubbled in a couple of spots on the underside of the tank.  I investigated further, using glass-paper and a stanley-knife blade. I found holes, lots of holes. Holes from which the petrol had escaped.....

Now I had two SRX tanks in need of repair. I had to make a trip to and through Wolverhampton to deliver them to the man who could work magic on them.  Believe me, unless you have pressing business in Wolverhampton (such as a hospital appointment or tanks that need mending) - avoid it like the plague.  The traffic is a nightmare; the traffic system is a nightmare - I felt fraught, I felt grateful that I live in Telford and only occasionally need to have hospital appointments in Wolverhampton or take tanks there to be repaired.

I delivered the tanks and the man who works magic was sure that the magic was strong enough to fix both tanks. I endured Wolverhampton once more and was grateful for Telford once more.

Some time later I received a text to the effect that one tank might not be salvageable - or at least, not cost effective to bother with. I waited for the next update.....

Hurrah ! Both tanks were salvageable - just about.  I waited patiently....

Then, earlier this week I got the text that they were ready. I battled through Wolverhampton again, swearing and muttering and sighing. I survived.  I'd expected to see a painted tank, with matching tailpiece and front mudguard plus another tank in primer. What I got was both tanks painted, plus the tailpiece and front mudguard.  A hole had been cut in the bottom of the dented tank so as to gain access to push the dent out, both tanks had plates welded in to cover the sieve-like areas, both had been lined with tank sealant, then they'd been primed and painted.  Apparently, it took seven hours to weld and undent the first tank ! I think I got a very good deal.

Anyway, they look far too smart for the rest of the bike(s). I also noticed that the MOT ran out on the day I collected the tanks. Also, I was told off for noisy exhausts at the last MOT. I've got no spare dosh at the moment so I've decided to just use the best bits of each bike to get the running one back on the road.  I checked out the project bike and it the original standard Yamaha exhaust system so I thought it would be worth pinching that for the running bike.

The project bike is pretty rusty looking so I sprayed all the bits I wanted to undo with WD40. Even so, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily most of them came undone.  The tricky part was removing the exhaust system - I couldn't remove the downpipes from the collector box in situ and ended up removing a small crossbar from the front of the frame so I could manoeuvre the system out in one piece. Once that was done, it was easy to wiggle the downpipes out of the collector/silencer.  There's a lot of surface rust which I have attacked with a wire brush and wire wool. I found three small holes under one of the brackets but apart from that it is in very good condition and I think the standard downpipes are stainless.  I've treated the collector/silencer with Krust and will spray it black tomorrow (weather permitting), polish the heat-shield thingy and polish the downpipes. I think it should look pretty good.

To be continued....


  1. No kidding, those are some shiny pretty bits. Guess you'll just have to make the rest of the parts as nice now. But what I really wanna know...how is that moped seat getting along? hehe...

  2. I haven't forgotten the moped seat, I wish I had more time !
    Downpipes are a little bit shinier today - long way to go though.....hand-polishing is bl**dy hard work !

  3. Happy Holidays Hazel! (waiting for part 3.......)