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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Selling and Buying Stuff!!

Firstly, I thought I'd share my excitement that I have at last managed to buy an Ariel 3 engine (after a year of looking!).  Once I've sorted out the "proper" bikes, I'm thinking that the Ariel 3 should be "restored" as a rare Military model - just because I want to know how many people will claim to have owned one in the past.....

Next, I'm shamelessly using this blog to try and sell my Yamaha Serow.  It's a reluctant sale as it is probably one of my favourite bikes ever - but I've simply got too many bikes and not enough space (or money!).  Ironically, while I was inspired to buy the Serow after reading about Lois Pryce's exploits (http://www.loisontheloose.com/), I can also attribute the need to sell it to her and hubbie, Austin Vince!  When I bought the two Honda XL 185s to take to Lois and Austin's Twinshock Trailfinder event this year, I had it in mind to sell them afterwards.  Having taken part in the event, I can't bring myself to sell the Hondas and we want to go back again next year.  The Serow, being a monoshock, just isn't eligible so it has to go - in spite of being a brilliant and versatile little bike.

I've listed it on ebay:


If anyone is interested - or knows anyone who is interested - please feel free to contact me direct.

The XBR and the Morini are next on the list for selling!


  1. A military Ariel Trike? I suppose you could weld up a little trailer, to tow a little catapult, for lobbing water ballons at the rowdy BSA guys in the next camp. Just kidding I'm guilty of owning several Beezers myself.
    Hairy Larry

  2. A trailer and catapult - I like your thinking, Larry!

  3. How about a pic of that new engine? I barely have an idea what the bike looks like...let alone the powerplant. HL