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Saturday, 8 May 2010


Jon came home from work yesterday and rushed out to the shed/bike conservatory to start stripping the front end off my XBR so we could get on with working on it today.  We got as far as removing the front wheel and forks and decided that was enough work for a Friday evening.  When Jon went to put the Speed Triple away he noticed it had a gurt nasty nail stuck in the lovely brand new rear tyre.  Having just spent all his pennies on the bike he wasn't too happy about having to shell out on a new tyre already so this morning we've been out to buy one of those tubeless tyre repair kits but the instructions say not to exceeed 80kmph afterwards - sort of defeats the object of having a Speed Triple, but it is more of a get you home kit I suppose.  Just out of interest, I checked the price of a replacement on M&P - expecting a rear tyre to be getting on for £180.  They had the exact same tyres on offer at £150 a pair so it seemed silly not to get them (my XBR tyres were £123 a pair and not such a high rating or anything like as BIG).  Jon's gone to get the existing tyre plugged and will keep it as a spare once the new one has been fitted.

While he was out, I've been having a go at drifting out the steering head bearings on the XBR so I can fit the shiny new taper roller ones.  I haven't had much success, the lower bearing has moved a little but doesn't want to go any further.  I've applied heat and kept tapping away at it thinking it must eventually move.  I have now come to a standstill because the head of the hammer flew off, narrowly missing my head and the XBR tank, flying across the room, past the B31 tank and landing neatly on the floor. No damage done fortunately.  Except to the hammer, of course.  I think I'll have to nip to the farm shop and buy a new one.

Seems like a good time for a cup of tea :-)


  1. Seems to be a tyre month, just bought a rear one for the Skorp (Avon RR) and a Bridgestone BT45 for the Rickman. Looking at the Ducati rear tyre its getting low as well :-(
    A trick I use for getting bearings out is if you have an electric welder handy, everyone knows someone with one, is to run a weld round the inside of the race (careful not to weld on to the head stock). This causes the race to shrink, then it more or less falls out... usually.

  2. Ooh, I like the welder idea. I've been meaning to get my welder fixed for ages.....if only I'd got around to it.


  3. Or try a slide hammer type puller ? Sometimes drifting tends to wedge things akilter, and maybe chill the race? Or chill the beer and take a break. Hairy Larry