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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hurrah for Dremel!

Well, after more tapping away on Saturday without success I decided more drastic action was called for.  I suspected that what I was planning was probably an act of Bodgery but someone on the RealClassic facebook page suggested the same course of action - which made me feel a bit better.  So Sunday afternoon was spent using the Dremel to cut two grooves in the lower steering head bearing race so it would be easier to tap out.  This was fairly time-consuming but eventually proved successful.  The top bearing race tapped out without much resistance.  With the old races removed, fitting the new taper roller bearings was very straightforward and they make a noticeable improvement. 

Next it was time to attack the fork seals and I took the easy option and let Jon do this.  One fork seal done and one to go!  Tyre fitting this weekend and MOT booked for next Wednesday.

More fun was had on Sunday morning.  It was bright and sunny so it seemed like a good idea to go for a ride on the XL and the Serow.  Firstly, we dropped in to see friend Ian from whom I bought the XBR.  He was suitably impressed with the bargain XL but wouldn't try it out as he had been indulging in a glass of whisky!  Ian had already spent the proceeds from selling the XBR and claimed to have "unexpectedly" won a bike on ebay.  I think it was more "unplanned" than "unexpected", the placing of the bid having taken place after an evening in the pub with a mate!  He showed us the ebay pictures of it - a rather nice BSA C11 in "original" finish, rather than a restored example - so I look forward to seeing the real thing in action.

After this, we headed for an easy off road track.  Even though it has been dry for a few days now, there were lovely deep muddy puddles just to make life interesting.  My confidence had grown (and my fitness has improved!) since last time so we nailed the bikes through the puddles and ended up soaked to above the knee, with attractive mud spatters all up our backs.  This proved to be so much fun that we turned around and did it all again.  We swapped bikes this time, so Jon rode the XL and I was on the Serow.  The Serow is only 11 years newer but so much more sophisticated and more powerful - a more noticeable difference than you might expect from the 40cc difference in engine size (the XL top comfortable speed is about 60mph while the Serow is happy at 80+ mph on the road).  The suspension is also much better.  After riding back down the track, Jon proclaimed the XL to be "horrible and stone-age" which I think poor Herbert found rather hurtful.  I enjoyed both bikes and wasn't really bothered by the less comfortable ride.  The Serow is undoubtedly the better bike but it doesn't mean Herbert Honda is any less fun to ride.

I think Jon has been spoiled by the modern delights of the Speed Triple.............he didn't used to be so critical of old nails!

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  1. Good old mototools...got one that's forty years old and still going. Hairy bLarry