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Saturday, 14 May 2011


The Thundersprint in Northwich is an event I've wanted to get to for years but never quite got round to it.  We headed up there on the morning of Saturday 7th May and were glad to be in the car as there was torrential rain most of the way and very poor visibility on the motorway (although plenty of people still too stupid to use their headlights).  We started off in town to have a look around the static display before heading to the hotel where we were spending Saturday night.  After checking in, we went back into town for another look around.  The weather had improved now and we were enjoying a mixture of sunshine and showers.  We'd planned to hit the town on Saturday evening but were both too tired (poor old things!) and stayed at the hotel to watch Dr Who instead!  There was more going on the next day, with more trade and club stands and lots more bikes.  Parts of the town centre are closed off for the Cavalcade and a variety of bikes do three laps of the circuit, watched by hundreds of people.  Later on, the Thundersprint takes place on a racetrack put together on what is usually a car park.

A fantastic weekend and I'll definitely be going again.

Thundersprint Slideshow

I'll try and upload my film of the Cavalcade later on.

Thundersprint Website

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