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Friday, 22 July 2011

Batavus Bits

Batavus Caveman - you can even buy hatpins with him on!

Magazine review of the HS50 - this is the model I've got.
Batavus Whippet - build your own.
Are flares practical moped-wear?

The former Laura Anker factory where they made the engines both for Batavus mopeds and for Ariel 3s.

Another view of the Laura Anker factory in Eygelshoven.

Batavus HS50 on the right (they were all red, apparently).  I'd guess the yellow one is a Batavus Go-Go but I'll have to do more research.

Batavus Conforte - build your own.


  1. Saw a Moped speed by today while coming home from work, Had low bars and the rider was in a racing crouch, couldn't ID it though as he raced through his turn. Could almost see a "thought bubble" over his helmet..."Someday a Goldstar". Flares Practical...? Certainly stylish...hehheh...