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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Last year I had a crappy birthday on my own because poor Jon was in hospital having his appendix removed so this year I decided I deserved to start celebrating early.  Last night we went out for Birthday Curry (I had kidney e kash, a dish made with lambs kidney, spring onion, green peppers and coriander) and very nice it was too.  Followed that with some wine and some sparkling wine so I needed a bit of a lie in this morning.  Then went out, wearing lovely new Birthday Boots (thank you Jon!), for Birthday Lunch (liver, bacon, onions and chips) which was also very nice.  After that, we spent some time looking around the antique centre in Bridgnorth and for some reason I bought a bugle.  I now need to work out how to get a reasonable sound out of it, rather than just a noise like a wet fart..........I also came home with an 1881 world atlas (in German) and a tiny brass Victorian multi-tool with a penknife, a pencil, a toothpick and a button hook.  See, I spent my Birthday Money wisely!!!  What I really wanted was an antique brass horn for the B31 but couldn't find one of those so I'm now "watching" some on ebay.

Here's the card my Dad sent me: