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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

What to do first......

I started this blog with the idea of just putting bike stuff on but now, instead of just feeling bad because I've done nothing to the bikes,  I need to start doing "other stuff".  My acquiring heaps of junk to try and make them into something attractive and useable isn't restricted to bikes, I have lots of other junk as well!

First to be attacked will probably be a couple of empty clock cases I found in a junk shop in Bridgnorth.  Time to get creative with those, I think.

A recent email from an old school friend reminded me that my lovely Mum used to let me paint all over the wall in my bedroom, not to mention an 8 foot tall "Eddie" (the Iron Maiden mascot) climbing the stairs.  My last house also ended up with murals on all the doors but I've done nothing like that in the current house (and been here over 6 years).  It was always one of my favourite ways of unwinding so I need to make time for creative tatting around!  Putting that in writing gives me something to live up to..............

It won't happen today though.  I might go out this evening, since it is my birthday tomorrow and I've taken the day off.  Hooray!!

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