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Sunday, 13 September 2009

BSAOC Int Rally - Friday 12 Sep 09

The weather was back to being bright and sunny so it would have been nice to ride the bikes but because we had to get up early on Saturday morning to go home, we decided to get them loaded on to the trailer.  We also wanted to go on the toboggan slide in Valkenburg and thought that if we went in the car we could put everyone elses bike gear in there while we all went to play.  Jon and I, Myles, Jess, Derek and Josh went into Valkenburg then all went up in the cable lift.  We then had a few rides on the toboggan run - this was great fun.  You weren't supposed to race but Josh did!  After the toboggan run, we went for a drink, then walked to the top of the tower - Jon stayed for another drink and a chat with Ray and Norma.  I didn't count the steps but there were lots and lots and lots.............the view at the top was worth it though and we were able to look down at Jon and try to spit in his coffee.  Not that we did, we are not that badly behaved!  Then back down the tower and back on the cable ride down to the town.  It was time for some lunch so we headed back to the same cafe as yesterday as the food had been lovely.  This time I ordered a lasagne which was not only delicious but, as can be seen in the photo, had been decorated with a face!  We hadn't realised what the time was and wondered why some fellow BSA owners were laughing at us and saying what huge appetites we must have (especially Myles, who was shovelling away everyones leftovers).  When we checked the time, we realised there was less than two hours to go before the rally BBQ and we were already full up.  We set off back to the campsite, did some packing and then headed for the marquee for the BBQ.  The queue was long, which was probably a good thing, but there was an impressive range of food on offer and the BBQ tickets entitled each person to a more than generous amount of food.  I couldn't manage to eat all three portions of meat so I only took two and then struggled to eat them - what bad planning!  I went back to the caravan to finish off as much packing as possible then we returned to the marquee for the entertainment of the final evening.  There was a very good band called The Puchs, who had re-named themselves for the evening as the Bantams.  They lined up their Puch mopeds (with outrageously high handlebars) accross the front of the stage for a while but removed them soon after, probably due to fire regulations.  There were presentations (longest distance, oldest rider, youngest rider etc) and then a raffle.  Most of our group hadn't realised there was a raffle but still cheered enthusiastically whenever anyone went up for a prize.  There was a generous amount of prizes, including some very nice paintings of BSAs for four lucky winners.  After this, the band resumed and there was more dancing, chatting and general hilarity. The Dutch organisers had decorated the marquee with lots of BSA posters for the dinner and dance on Thursday and at the end of Friday evening, these were available to buy so I selected a couple of favourite ones to take home.  The balloons now seemed to be fair game so we got to play with them at last!  Then it was time to say goodbye to new friends and old and get a (comparatively) early night so we could get up early in the morning ready for the drive home.  What a sad moment, after what was probably one of the most enjoyable holidays we have had, thanks to the hard work and hospitality of the Dutch organisers and the sponsors, the beautiful surrounding countryside and places to visit, not to mention the excellent company of fellow BSA owners from all over the world.  Still, all good things must come to an end.  Sadly, we can't all make it the next International Rally in New Zealand but I'm sure we are all looking forward to the next event.

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